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tv   [untitled]    February 3, 2014 12:00am-12:31am PST

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seeing none, public comment is closed. i'll call for a vote all all in favor, say i. opposed? the motion carries next item, please. >> item 4 is that concludes my presentation and address the commission on matters that are within the commission's jurisdiction and are not on today's agenda and i have several speaker cards. i have an announcement from the president for those who don't know i tend to be a little bit lax with the rules related to any public comment? i think it's important to hear from the folks who take time out of their day to share their concerns and examines. i do have a special request because the heat is on me i want to make sure we facilitate in a great way. we're hoping that if you have
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concerns about staff and that's with the puc keeping in mind everybody is doing the best job. you'll raise those issues with our general manager who who has an open door policy. i'm asking you to consider 3 message we have so much to do this is our second budget meeting but i think everyone got their point. i'm going to go ahead and call the first speaker. welcome to the puc >> again and again good morning, commissioners this is also kevin i want to make a brief set of comments. i'm ann come back iron i'm the executive director of the conservation core we wouldn't be here without the support of the puc so i'm going to thank you for your support and the good
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work for the benefit district activities and workforce development. we were started with the help which mayor feinstein and other city departments help us are that the young people are 18 to 25 that come from the low income neighborhood in san francisco and we help them move on to careers picture without the opportunity to do work on the puc watersheds our young people wouldn't be growing and becoming the active citizens those people and the young man who that came today. thank you for the support you've provided the community. the core has been lucky to sunshine have your support for the last 10 years you're looking at new support for a number of
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different initiatives and we appreciate the fact you've given us support for the last thirty years. i'd like to introduce kevin >> hi, kevin. >> i'm kevin vargas i was born and raised in san francisco. i started this core to get my high school diploma and to obtain job readiness skills the work experience will help me to gain experience to be able to get a job in landscaping e.r. 4r57bd management. my goal is to join the price labor union. i learned to help and identify
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things from the grasslands. i learned how to see how the ine endangered buttered fly and other species that are native to california. the land more and more project was prop 84 up in crystal springs loorng along the reservoir near how 92 and canada road. while working on the watershed it was the first time seeing a deer and no matter where they live out in the watershed. the deal would be glazing not field near the work sites i remember the calm water of the
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watersheds made me feel like i was on top of the mountain >> i want to mention one of the things the core does is leverage dollars and we've brought prop $84 to the watershed so we're anxious to see how we can look forward to the puc's further support. >> commissioner vietor. i want to thank you for your work we've done many things for the community on behalf of my appreciation for being here today >> thank you both very much for being here and a thanks for all the good work you do. next speaker card i have is
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francisco >> good morning. >> good morning, commissioners i'm going to speak on a number of issues. right from the inception when the core was created i was at the presidio and the conservation goal does good work because it gives opportunity inform indulge work for the folks who want to get their jd but also good jobs but we need to focus on are career jobs not giving people jobs for two or three weeks and let them go. commissioners, i know we come here not because we have time to waste but because we're interested in the water system improvement project, interested
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in the sewer improvement project and interested in climate change and interested in what's happening now and what the measures are regarding the drought. we know that millions of gallons have been leaking into the ground and we have the technology that we can do real monitoring of those things. it's proprietary technology we have it. but on some other issues like the contractors as an and on creating some side of a killer to native plants we've given the plants to the uscf for free but it takes years for the programs to get implemented.
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finally, commissioners you know that we cannot really admire what we do without transparency. i know >> commissioners are going back 30 or 40 years. and that is because some of you all one or two or that have been there because you are so precinct the challenge of weed out the charge of and weed outs things that defers and things. so i know your 1ygd i can he has an open door pole i have his cell phone that's not the point. i'm busy he calls me sometimes
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and we can't pick up the phone. we came to do what we do best >> thank you very much francisco especially appreciate the career path and the labor mention appreciate. next dr. jackson >> good morning. >> good morning. >> i like your attire. >> at the it says what it's been sacrificing for quite a while. i want to say i've been here and i hope this is the last time. you all have not treated the south east community as you've done others and i'm talking about the southeast college and
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the plant, you know, it disturbs me for 2 and a half years, you know, we have companies out there that started with us in the beginning in 1986. you were supposed to hold a hearing to understand the mitigation. and you'll i'm hearing is the mitigation is being put off and people are disturbed. i am upset. really, really upset. that you all have not called the meeting so i will have an understanding. i came about a month or two agree with the information for the staff and i hadn't gone it back then when i see the attorney at the commission i pulled him to the side and he said well ms. jackson i give them that information. why aren't you all doing the right thing by my community.
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why which is holding it up. the programs you're holding it up. you know, and i want to say this buzzed i've got a minute and 19 seconds. in 1986 when the doors opened for hunters point i gave them information about the 5 years and in the charter it states after 5 years little money the rent was being paid to the city b will come back into the community. i know there are a lot of smart people in the audience from 5 years after 1986 i want to know how much money that you've gotten in rent and i want it. every penny of it from every sector that you got rent from you don't own those buildings i do. the community do. and once you realize that you
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have no is so over the plant plant and over the college we are going to be better off. i'm tired i'm 80-year-old and you're sending babies after me. that ain't cool to send babies after me to tell me what i shouldn't do. you all need to get the facts you've got good men sitting there i know you and you, i don't know you sweetheart >> based on those comments specifically to have a hearing in the southeast and request a memoranda with vice president commissioner caen and summarizing the hearing and having a hearing in the area about some topics. next speaker card >> can i ask for a
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clarification. >> so maybe do you want to have a hearing there to address because i know that john has been out there working with the southeast identifying with the roles and the legal requirements are so i think we can make it presentation here if we need to kind of get the conversation happening at this level. >> who's the new chair of the southeast community facility commission? yeah. karen >> can we loop here into the conversation and go there from there. i would hate to miss the resources in that vast wealth of information >> and i would hope we can kind of keep the conversation only is problematic level rather than the staffing issue and direct the general manager if there's
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issues related to personnel we can look at the problematic issues that's going on in the southeast. >> absolutely. >> before kevin williams. >> thank you for saying brother kevin williams i kind of like that. i was in church this past sunday and they referred to me that as well >> you're a union man. >> i'm also a brother fray hunters point. i know a number of people including yourselves as a member of the local 790 and legal number 21 rather than 2/3rd's of my adult life in the union and i think i've bend from the times spent and also a civil servant
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for the city and county of san francisco and an retiree attempting to bring something back from the hood that's good. they're not mutually exclusive growing up in a neighborhood and achieving on a education we've reached a new level of sophistication. and i just want to briefly quote what dr. king said he said the truth crutch to the earth will rise again and there was a representative from the arts commission on the subject of the grants the $100,000 in grant that was represented to the commission all from the bayview and i began my work with the man
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that many of you know a very retained lawyer the first director grant admitting kins and upon my retirement during the course of working there the last person i spent about 10 years working under the mayor that appointed you mayor ed lee the honorable mayor ed lee. and then in that capacity i've investigated hundreds of million dollars in contract and this is an rfp i've done the same thing with them. i don't wish to embarrass this body but i prefer to do is have an opportunity to come back and do with the arts commission did. i want to show you the evidence of the truth so you can make an
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informed decision. i received a 5 page letter well written. i know about the letters and who goes over the drafts and who gives him back to you for your signature so i come here for the request to be invited back to give you the specifics as to why this commission must terminate that grant agreement >> so i've and this is been very important and we've touched on this grant program almost every meeting since we let out the grants so i'm asking you to consider the following. we had actually because moving forward we resolved a number of the issues we mentioned commissioner vietor and talked about the localist and a number of proving changes we wanted to make to how the money was lent
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out and those were procedural changes that address the concerns that were coming at you us. at the same time our attorney there were legal issues raised and i asked everyone misunderstand we separate the legal issues we can't try this case in a public forum so i assume i'll get a report back but before i call for a hearing it would be my obligation to make sure we have some advise from council not because of wrongdoing or shedding light on anything but we have an obligation to the taxpayers and i want you to report back to us about your experiences i think the new money is being lent anti
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again in june; is that right >> i believe but we're not concerned about the money but the process. >> and we are too. like i said we've been talking about this for awhile i want from staff this commission did make recommendations for how to moved on our behalf and with the arts commission we ask that the arts commission adapt those recommendations. i think brother has a point to graduate against issues has in fact been adapted by the arts commission so i want the staff to take care of and reported back on our on behalf of >> just wanted to give a quick updated we've articulated the concerns we had and i think that we will come back to you on
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point by point on what their plans of incorporating are our recommendations into their future processes. >> commissioner president courtney i have no problem with sharing the information with the commission i think the commission is overwhelmed with papers so in that regard, i think it would be more productive to provide you with a memo and this city attorney's office is fro to go through it. we're not hiding many cards we've got the truth on your side we merely want to share because once you're in position of the truth and the facts i think you'll agree with me there's been a serious breach of procure and the reason 0 it the law calls for a termination of the
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grant usual not in conformity with the law you can't have a contract >> i'm going to make sure that we move to the next item but here's what we will do whatever you feel compelled to present this committee is not in a position to respond if you're working with an attorney and we're working with an attorney they can work together. >> i work with attorneys attempt so i'm interested in the process that you want me to use in terms of conveying to council i have no problems meeting with council to show them the evidence so it's conveyed to the 0 body. >> you can perpetrate it to me
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and i'll present it to the council and we'll respond to my questions or if you want to meet with council to produce more evidence. >> i'll make myself available personally. >> appreciate it. >> thank you for being here. yolanda lewis. good morning and a good morning thank you for the opportunity my grandparents came here to escape sharecropping and cotton picking and my parents left san francisco for the same reasons and i worked in silicon valley. i come before i today that's one thing to talk about problems but i want to come with a solution i've partnered with a corporation to address key
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issues like economic sustainability one is the jobs and i've developed programs that help those. i see a long time history of promoting midcy and the programs don't deliver chang's changed. as i go back and visit the areas when i was a child and see how bad it has become it's disheartening. i see district 10 and hunters point literally going to the side. francisco mentioned formerly interrogating technology now that can help with the pipeline and the sewer systems for detell the court leaks. we bring true education in the jobs fold i want to support of
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the efforts to bring true and meaningful change. i see my community on the bring of extinction and i see we offer an economic prospective it's disheartening. i want to bring meaningful change the way the programs are delivered and we're not relying on how many people come through the program which means small business opportunity and housing and this is bringing technology to the table with mite some of the issues especially with your drought. so thank you for this opportunity and there are those of us who are come back to the community and i'm you headquartered in san francisco. i don't want to run and continue the legacy of running we want solutions not complaints >> thank you yolanda for being
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here. next speaker is wendy >> good morning. i'm wendy and i was appointed to the safety to represent 1st district and last thursday i was elected to be the chair. i look forward to developing a relationship with the commission and the board of supervisors. and setting priority for the cac and developing a leadership fireman. i'm happy to say that the cac is almost another full capacity and we're reflective of the diversity of our city which is wonderful. we have a vacancy in d-10 we're trying to fill and two other positions. that's the large water yourself. again, i'm excited to working with you guys and looking
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forward to next year >> thank you commissioner vietor. >> i want to welcome you to the cac. we've been trying to work best together so we'll welcome your thoughts pea ideas of what raises of to the citizens viruses and i think this is going to be helpful in reaching out to our constituencies >> thank you. the last card is from sunny schwartz >> good morning commissions i'm ms. schwartz i want to give you a context about my history with the city and county of san francisco. i've had the good unfortunate as well as to work in the criminal
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justice for 33 years 25 years as ann as the program administrator. one of the most successful program was the 5 charter school. as you know it was perhaps it was created in 2003 the first of the kind in the nation where we work with those implicated by crime victims and offenders and the communicated. we founded 5 kwooez keys and we knew we must include other public sectors to invest in our students success. i'm here to talk about great appreciation and excitement we're nyu tenants in the puc building at the southeast community. this is what we precisely dreamed of.
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our team of 5 cozy couldn't be more thrilled with the negotiations renovation and when a student walks into that wing he or she knows we're invited and invested in their success. it screams we're wanting you to success. they can work in a healthy environmentalist. i know you people restraining order deliberating budgets today and i want to say thank you for the support in the k3w0ir7b8 community division. sf puc has a huge footprint in our city and the facts your proactively thinking about how to give 0 back to the community and be good neighbors i think
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speaks volumes. you're leading the way for other public utilities it should be the rule not the exception and the revisiting oakdale and the work you open the demeanors for interim shopping mall training it's hardening. i hope to come back here in a year to share all the graduates from southeast we believe they should take over the leadership so thank you on behalf of 5 keys >> your excellent reputation precedes you thank you for being here. >> thank you. >> robert woods. >> good morning brother. >> good morning. my name is robert one side i want to talk about two things.
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forensic is the ged program at the a b you. we were funded by the puc the first year and i think it's moving over to the economic and workforce development for the second round of funding. but the thing about it this there is a digital divide and under the new ged program it's going to be computer liz i railways. we need computers to get us rode we have 15 applicants that applied for ged our 15 applicants over the years 11 of them got their ged and that's a good number. when


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